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What in the world is the main menu?

The main menu is an interactive one with 2 different areas:

  • The level selector - it's to your right when you walk up the stairs - press enter and you can select your level
  • The firing range - in the South West of the facility is the shooting range - in this area you can practice your amazing shooting abilities on AI.

Will the game save my progress?

No need to really, since you can select any level you want to play there is no need for progress saving, this just means that you won't be extremely annoyed when your game crashes.

What's in the download?

You will be downloading a zip file from, all you need to do is extract it and run the "Zero Dawn.exe". If there is no Exe file in the main folder, it is located in Zero Dawn/Bin/Win32_Release/ If it is not in there (it should be) check the other Bin folders - if it is still not there please contact us ASAP because this is a major problem!

--This will be updated as more and more questions are asked :D--