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Hi. Saw some gorgeous pictures from your games trailer and it got me into downloading and trying it. It didn't disappoint. Incredibly well fitting music and eye pleasing graphics really got me. The only thing that I would like to be fixed is controls. Have in mind, that it is only my opinion, but I would prefer  movement using mouse. (Like in League of Legends for example) This would make gameplay way smoother. One more quick think, that I have to say is that, you placed both mac and windows build files into the download. It would be great if you separated them. At the end of the day, your game is really great and attention worthy! ^^


Hey, I've tried out your game because it caught my eyes with it's really amazing graphics. While playing I felt like I felt when playing cuphead plane levels, but bit less intense. The things that I would like to change would be game speed and clarity on controls. Projectiles and the plain could be bit faster, but that is just my opinion. Great work!

The number in top left corner is kinda confusing, I would conciser removing it. Other thing, that could be better is font. To be honest it makes your game look a bit cheap. Over all I like the simple concept. Great work, buddy!

Simple and awesome! 

Thank you for your feedback,  I really appreciate it!  Project isn't done yet, so I will fix things that you pointed out. Sometimes then you're creating, everything looks clear, but in reality some things might be confusing. 

Really nice drawings, I love it!!