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I played this game LIVE , and had great fun with my viewers!

Great work, thank you!

greetings good horror game, I salute you :)

Thank you, great horror game :)

Nice game!,thank you!

had really fun playing this game,thank you!

Please release the full game, it's awesome!

And here is the full game !! Thank you for this game, I had great time.

Great Game, had so much fun playing it. Thank you!

Best horror game I've played for months! thank you.

Great Game!

I have recorded this game in old ruins of Byzantine Empire in İstanbul Turkey , Enjoy!

Than you for this amazing game and happy new year!

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Thank You!

Very interesting and cool ambiance , thank you for making his game!

Had So Much FUN Playing Thsi Game!

I was about to faint from the  jumpscares,Nice game!

nice horor game, thank you!

I had Great FUN playing this game, thank you!

had great fun playing the game,thank you!

Great Horror Game ! Had fun plaint it ! Well Done.

Come on please release this awesome game! :)

I had so much fun playing this game , thank you!

I had great jumpscares playing this game, Thank you!

wooooww great game , thank you!

Great Game , had fun playing it. Thank You!

really interesting game. Thank you!

great game!

thank you!

Amazing Game , please make this game longer!

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great indie horror game :) Had Fun playing it👊👍

Had Great Fun Playing Thisn Game, Thank You!

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Had Great Fun Playing, Thank You!

That should be played today :)

cought  by the monster 😂

Please make more levels, I had so much fun! Great Job!

Turkish introduction of the game!

Great Game!

Had great time playing this game!