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Thanks for sharing logic. It will be exciting to use to make new games !

Really love this game and learn somethings about it with unreal engine ..

hi Could you please share the source code for inspiration ?

Thank you !

Thanks for that kind of tool. I will use it in my commercial game and will give credit.

Thank you so much.

could you please share project files to understand how to make such mechanics?

very very nice man.

Thank you Perfect Font

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Can I use it for a Commercial project for free ?

YES ! It works. Thank you !

Thanks for response. I will try it and then provide feedback. 

Hello, is it compatible with UE 4.27 ?

I bought the shader kit but i can execute  only  the Post Master CelShader.  Could you please inform me why i can not apply the other shaders.

Very enjoyable and quite useful kit by the way. Thx.

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Thanks ! 

I was thinking that I can use your assets in my game, but I changed my mind and stopped using it. Nice work though.