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It's a bug, i will fix it later

Is it normal after you complete a level, or is it still weird?

What windows are you using?

Press "+" or "-" on your keyboard to change the resolution

Reset Mr.TomatoS first

It says it right there.

Antivirus deletes them. Try to disable it while playing,

yes, you can just download it

download the new version of Mr.TomatoS++

Download the newest version of Mr.TomatoS.

Try the newest version of  the game, if this didn't help, then i'll try to fix it

did it generate the useless text file the first time?

Did you already complete Mr.TomatoS with 0 anger before?

Press Enter in the Warning screen

It'll be hard for me to do that, because these games are really compicated and not simple enough to understand for new players. Also, games are tied together, and it's really impossible to play them if you don't have both Mr.TomatoS++ and Ms.LemonS++, which is not acceptable for Steam games, as they should be fully playable on their own. Also, my games can open pictures in the browser without players permission, so there is no way Steam will let it through.

This game is not a virus and can't do anything to your computer, don't worry. But to play it you will need to put it into the antivirus exceptions or disable it whiple playing.

Reset the Mr.TomatoS too

thank you for this bug report, i'll check it out!

It was written by me. Here is the link.

Unfortunately i can't right now, i'm sorry!

Yes, i'm fine with it! But read the community rules before posting!

Please reach out to me here:

I'll try to help you solve this problem

Is it the boss battle song?

Did you try to download the newest versions of Mr.TomatoS and Ms.LemonS?


You need the Mr.TomatoS++ version to be able to reset your game.

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It was written by me. And it's actually a remix of my own track, here is the original:

What's your operating system?

I totally understand that it's very annoying to go through the game again for a boss fight, and that the boss is incredibly difficult - but this boss fight was planned to be almost impossible to beat. But, given the fact that the player needs to replay a large portion of the game just to try again, I updated the game and added an additional effect to one of the artifacts, which will allow you to rely less on luck, and rely more on your skill during the boss battle.

I'm not really happy that it's much much easier to beat now, but I put the opinion of the player above everything else, so I hope you will be pleased with the new update.