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it would've been nicer if it was longer with more twists. great game tho

thought this was a horror, haha

I had to refresh and keep losing my progress at the same time because it kept freezing. :(

the work on a project part confused me a bit but i figured it out anyways haha. super chill game.

hehe such a cute story! i love its simplicity.

this looks like an awesome game but sadly I can't play it on the browser. there seems to be an occurring error in java or stuff.

it was short, but it tells a lot. :( broke my heart.

nooo, poor auntie kappa. :<

it's cute and the gameplay was awesome, but I wish it was a lil more longer ya know? <3

pretty much chill. idk about the other endings and how to get them, i only got the neutral one

this is such an awesome game. so chill but has a lot of stories and lessons to tell. devil express will always have a special place in my heart. <3 kudos to the creators and developers!!!

lmao i didn't expect the ending haha