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This new update is fantastic... zombies are ablast and the game is visually stunning these days. Much fan, thanks :)

Little preview of the game right now. I had a lot of fun, lots of potential here.

D-day Trench Warfare! I had a blast with this new release :)

VIKINGS vs PIRATES - The new update is just so good... you add pirates to any game and it's automatically 10/10

It has sloths, is a tonne of fun. What more do you want? Well, more, actually. More sloths.


Fantastic little game, intense and hilarious.

Loving the new Update - I went ahead and created a huge Wolf army to fight :D


Man, this game is just sublime. Had a blast reading the lines. Full game right now pls!

Custom game mode - 10 vs 100 Defend the Base!

Sharks eat trees, apparently. (Y)


Here's how you unlock the secret weapon :)

As someone pointed out this game has slowmotion. I went and played some giant slowmotion battles. Obviously.

[youtube url="" width="100%" height="400"]

Beta 5 is here, and I honestly had stupid amounts of fun. You are doing a fantastic job, dev. I sniped a chopper pilot, shot down a helicopter with a tank, went on a tank rampage with my broksi and went deep into enemy lines on my own. Keep up the awesome work :)

[youtube url="" width="100%" height="400"]