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Man Man Mans Man

XD I just ran past everything. I like how units can body block you though so there was a lot of times the creatures got like, a zergling surround and wobbled me

That thing at the end is so troll XD I got ran over when I first saw it. The pixel art was really good and I liked the weapon swap mechanic too.

Some feedback though is maybe not allow the weapon to swap to itself, and remove the reload between swaps. I think it'd also be more enjoyable if the starting pistol wasn't weak since it feels bad whenever you swap to it.

Despite no story, I think I understand the situation given the setting and monsters. I think this was really sweet and the robot is kind of cute x3

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I haven't played many visual novels because a lot of times they don't appeal to me, but this game was so sweet and touching and I love it so much in every way.  The voice acting adds so much and the characters are all so loveable. Even just the different national parks and locations, it was fun to google image everything and be amazed like the characters. This was a fantastic game and I'm so happy to have played it.

I'm definitely going to look at the other games made by you all; I played this all in one night, like 8 hours and I loved it all.

Edit: The soundtrack is amazing too. I can't believe I forgot to mention that as well!

For others who have the same problem, could you explain your solution?

I don't even know what this game is yet but I came here thinking the same thing. I love all of you

I came here thinking the same thing. I love all of you.

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I'm enjoying my ability to say 'Wack'.  Here it goes!