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I honestly bursted out laughing when I saw this gif.

Hokusai Wave?

Take care~

The smoke looks absolutely amazing!

Ohay, Limezu! I've sent you an email, lemme know if you received it! ~~

These look beautiful, going to buy them as I get home; you plan on expanding this tileset? :)

Oooh, like a character generator~
Seems nice, for those who aren't used to edits. Keep up the good work!

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Hey man! Working hard on updates, as I'm working hard on edits, lol.
Have you already made a character with twintails or have I missed it somewhere in the humongous size of this pack?

Kinda late to the party but it looks really nice! Probably going to be using this in my game :>

Wonderful! Seifuku uniforms on their way, then!

Absolutely awesome pack! Just seeing these assets made me shift from what I was doing to these graphics. I happily bought them! Plan to be making a school game~~ let's see how it turns out!