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Oliver Wilson

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One thing I'd like to see is a bit more responsiveness when jumping, as well as saving progress, so that I can restart just a level if I fail. Otherwise, this was a really fun game!

Is there a way to remove values?

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This is a lot of fun and I love how crazy it gets! The sounds are cool too, and I'd love to see some music in the future, and perhaps some balls with more powerups or something like that!

Really fun game :) Hope this develops further!

Stay tuned...

That's whatI spent the most time on! Thanks for the feedback about the pacing

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Haha the music was a last minute addition! My plan now is to add extra time "powerups", maybe some falling boulders and better value things further down

Game is fun, not sure on the theme relevance though! I also noticed that the restart button doesn't always work! It was really fun to work out how to do the levels as well, but a few more would be nice :) Great job!