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When you're done with Mac, mabe you could do Linux too?

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Unity supports UWP export and thus can target Windows 10 IoT on the Pi. Assuming most normal people are using Raspbian or similar, that'd basically mean a dedicated memory card just for FF, so while technically possible I feel it'd be pretty inconvenient. Not to mention unlikely to be worth the author's time to set all of that up just to have maybe a dozen people, if that, use it...

You don't get the Linux version on Steam though. (An oversight?)

About #2 - why not make it infinite and have you trying to beat your best single lap ad nauseam?

I like idea #3, but on Recharged that might create an issue, seeing how far apart and hard to make out some of the markers are (actually that's a general problem, no matter the direction; mirroring would only amplify that)

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Would it be possible to expose some more of the graphical settings in Recharged? Doesn't need to be an ingame option or sth; to keep things simple, an additional command line argument would suffice. Heck, I'd be fine with config file/registry editing.

Specifically, I'd like a way to be able to play witth the fog - move it further out or maybe disable it altogether, because it makes even the most open maps feel small. (Maybe the draw distance would also need some tweaking then, hard to tell with all the fog.) And a heavily fogged in forest might be fun too.