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This game is anything but enjoyable. I understand that there is art in it, and I see what they’re trying to do with the whole immigration thing, but it’s awful. Slow moving from the start, you go into some places, hit some things, and sort of kinda begin to understand this. Again, I realize it’s meant to be this way. You make your way through the game, I applaud you if you never used a walkthrough, I sure as hell did for the cameras and a bunch of other things. They did a poor job making the game, crashes 1/2 the clicks, and lags way too much. Additionally, this game should have been free on the switch just like on windows, mainly because the mines didn’t even work on the switch, no hint of which button you press to go faster, way too little time, bob knowledge of the healing bay, all until an update. Also, when you finish the game, you kind of have to close it. Not sure why. I like the story and how it works, but not the crashes, etc. please email me at if you have any input or such