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lol by the way did you got a new laptop yet, my friend?

Well would you look at that! They're back!

You guys are still wonderful for creating games and I hope you enjoy this video that I made of me playing this cool new story! Once again thank you!

Part 3

No problem team Polar Moon! You guys and gals have a great day!

And another one for ya

This is pretty cool. This gives me so much Dangonronpa vibes and for some reason it's a little bit of steins;gate too. Even though I didn't mention it. But still soo far it's pretty cool to play.

I have to say this right here, this story got me hooked! I like how it's being constructed, I like how it thinks, I love the CG and the music that goes with it. This is quite beautiful. 

It's been so long, but I finally got around it! Woo!

Rich Story, liking the characters already, love the sytle and yeah can't wait to continue it.  Along with the Caraponis Story. Icy you're good this,  keep up the good work. ^-^b

No problem ^w^b

This was quite unique and the story is building was great . Man I want more of what's to come!

I can't  wait to try out the game tomorrow. ^-^ But still that's pretty good that you made this game in two weeks. But anyways, good luck with the new builds to this game!

Pretty fun lol

This was fun XP

No, no thank you for making this! I can't wait to continue this series XD. Also you're welcome ^w^b

This was fun to make XD. I hope this is okay!

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^-^b Well it's actually part 4.

I got to ask, which visual novel should I start? Is there series with this novel with your other novels? They all look interesting. ^-^

I like the game so far. I like the art and music. I can't wait to play the rest of this game. I hope you enjoy this video, I made.