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Well I will be sure to keep checking back here for updates. I am considering making another video today! I really think the damage is my favorite element of this game so far, as I have never been so satisfied punching someone in a video game before. It's also worth noting that this game runs surprisingly well when compared to other more well known VR titles out there.

Again I really appreciate everything you're doing. You are helping my YouTube channel grow and hooking me with my new favorite VR game at the same time. Excited for the next update!

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I have to thank you for this game. I make VR videos at YouTube.com/oVRdose, and I have to tell you this is by far my favorite VR game so far. It's just a tech demo, but the way this game feels is more satisfying than almost any other game I've ever played. The ability to grab somebody by the back of the head and pummel their face in until it's unrecognizable may sound incredibly sadistic but it's so so so satisfying!

You sir are a legend and I'm very excited for the steam release of this game. I'll have to play around with it more to make sure this feature isn't already in there, but I suggest making a one-handed version of the spear that can be thrown. I know you can currently throw the two-handed spear, but I mean Like maybe in the same vein as the way the arrows are laid across the ground, there could be a couple of javelins which are rigid instead of floppy. Then again maybe this is redundant. That's just a thought that crossed my mind many times the last time I played.

Fist weapons would be fun as well! Like brass knuckles with big spikes. Just some ideas

And this isn't really a big deal but maybe you could change the faces of some of the opponents or maybe even give some of them hair. Just some ideas to give this game more recognizable personality than it already has! The more and more polished this thing gets the more exciting it becomes! Just to be clear I already love what you have and I would pay for it as is without any further updates.

The damage mechanics in this game are my favorite in any video games so far and I am so excited to see how you update this further and expand what is already an amazing experience. I would love to be able to rip their limbs off with my bare hands

I feel like this game has more potential than any other VR game out there so far as far as fun and replayability.

The hammer is my favorite weapon, and I would love to see more enormous weapons that have a large impact. The sledgehammer nature of the hammer feels so good! I really feel like I am smashing people with a giant hammer despite the floppiness and weightlessness. If you ever want any free promotional help in anyway feel free to contact me as I will gladly spread the word. The more people know about games like this one, the more people will get Vives faster, The better off the entire VR community will be.

You have created something timeless here and the best way to show VR to people who have never seen it. I put my seven-year-old brother in this game and he played for two straight hours. That's longer than I've ever seen anybody play in a VR headset. I'm going to record him playing and upload that video, he was actually pretty bad ass for seven year old!

Keep up the good work my friend, I will be back here often checking for updates as I will be regularly covering this game.

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