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Oh this is great! For me personally it was the right amount of increasing difficulty. Gotta say the main instrument in your music was a bit grating but everything else was solid.

Gave the demo a run through, gotta say I'm a big fan! The art is especially nice, I love her walk animation a lot.

Just a few notes on my end:

 I found I lost track of my health bar. It's there, at the bottom left, but unlike enemies it didn't pop up over my head when I took damage. I found myself in critical condition after moshing with a bunch of enemies near a lure and didn't realize I was taking damage. I saw later 1v1 that a tiny damage number bounces off me, but without the hp bar showing up as well it really doesn't register as damage, ya know? Having an option to show a hp bar near my character would be really appreciated.

My apologies I forget the name, the teleporting lightning bolt attack that repeats if you kill an enemy. I finished off everyone on the field using that but the overlay remained and I couldn't continue until I right-clicked the effect away. Not major but I feel it's one of those things that could potentially trip someone up.

Congratulations on your kickstarter succeeding! I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for this game in the future!