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Never mind, please excuse my ignorance I have found the disable wall options. This thing will work pefectly!

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Hey there, looking to use this great tool for maps in tabletop RPG games with friends. As of now, we need a map generator for a modern city in a superhero world. The only thing I request is to have a type of map which does not include walls and castles, but instead it could have parks and other various city centers(differently shaped than typical buildings). Mainly the walls for castles and outer walls for the town need to be removed in this type.

This would be a godsend for our game, and thank you for the work that you have done thus far.

Awesome demo, love the entire idea. Looks like it implies multiplayer? If so, that would make a big difference to the play. I suggest that if you do have multiplayer make sure you have features where multiple people are required. Nonetheless, this was extremely enjoyable and I would love to see this expanded!