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Was it a dream?

This cat is just like mine

A fantastic puzzle town building game

This game is actually a really sad commentary of an alcoholic father 

Atmosphere was beautiful, story was touching although I'm not sure if I entirely understand what is going on. 

I wish this could be made into a full game

Practically broke down the door. Good for a game still in developement

For what it's worth it's fun but I would love to see it expanded

The art style is amazing, the story has me completely hooked, my only issue is that I want more

not bad sweden, not bad at all

controller required

really fun stealth game with a nice office theme, not sure who the jerk is that is stealing papers

Great game awesome mechanic, bad mic quality cause I messed up me mic

This was a weird game but ok lol

This was a really fun demo, I can't wait to see what the other modes will be like

Awsome game, Funny elements, Grand theft auto inspired. Also free on steam

I was not expecting that

Finally back and I'm ready to take on the dark and gritty world of adorable paper people

I suck at this game XD

Point me in the direction of any other games you have made and I will play them. I am terrible at 5-second warioware game styles but I still find them fun and this was very well made.


Can't wait to see more to this game it was so fun and well made

The tension was nice, I am really goofy when scared so there ya go. I want to know more about anita

Super fun but really hard after a while

This is a really difficult game to get down but so fun when you do. Would love to see more.

Why a mafia lords foot is in my house I have no idea

This is one of my favorite type of games

I would play this game again for my last 60 seconds

I experienced very few issues although the helicopter was very difficult to control

This game is really difficult but oh so much fun

Would love to see more levels added

don't stop walking 

Very well done, nice short game. It's so atmospheric and beautiful.

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Really Funny and cool although difficult, this game took me multiple tries, but that might just be because I’m dumb

Simple, but a really fun game. Also I would never make it as a TSA agent.

difficult to see at times and some glitches here and there but overall a solid indie game

I am terrible at escape games but this was really fun and well put together. 

Simplistic yet really fun and scary.