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I suck at this game XD

Point me in the direction of any other games you have made and I will play them. I am terrible at 5-second warioware game styles but I still find them fun and this was very well made.


Can't wait to see more to this game it was so fun and well made

The tension was nice, I am really goofy when scared so there ya go. I want to know more about anita

Super fun but really hard after a while

This is a really difficult game to get down but so fun when you do. Would love to see more.

Why a mafia lords foot is in my house I have no idea

This is one of my favorite type of games

I would play this game again for my last 60 seconds

I experienced very few issues although the helicopter was very difficult to control

This game is really difficult but oh so much fun

Would love to see more levels added

don't stop walking 

Very well done, nice short game. It's so atmospheric and beautiful.

As frustrating as it was It was such a fantastic game and I can’t wait to rage even more when the full version is released.

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Really Funny and cool although difficult, this game took me multiple tries, but that might just be because I’m dumb

Simple, but a really fun game. Also I would never make it as a TSA agent.

difficult to see at times and some glitches here and there but overall a solid indie game

I am terrible at escape games but this was really fun and well put together. 

Super fun I’d recomend it to everyone

Simplistic yet really fun and scary.

Despite my criticism, I had a lot of fun with this game

This is such a beautiful and atmospheric game. 

Thank you, I really appreciate it.  Your game was challenging and fun and it was just a demo which means the full release is gonna be epic.

Very well put together game, I just wish there were more levels.

I wanna marry zombie princess

Easy to play but really fun and comical

Really, fun and challenging platforming game. 10/10

Final Episode of DDLC

Hope my criticism wasn't too harsh

I always love a good zelda inspired game. 10/10 wish there were more levels

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I continue with my adventures in scary sexy anime girl horror club

Very well made for a game that was made in 4-5 days

Yuri goes a little crazy for me

It was really fun and I love games like these. I recently lost my job so the symbolism of this game is helpful to me. I would love to play it when you finish it.

I needed a reminder to never quit and to keep going

I can’t wait for this to come out

So much fun But I can't get past that one level