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very nice

this was way harder than I thought it would be but  I   had a lot of fun with it

It's kinda funny our games turned out pretty similar 

despite  losing progress you still have a good foundation here.  I think you could  keep working on this after the jam  and make it something cool

cool  game.   If you wait a little you can fill the whole screen with zombies

Was fun to think through the puzzles. lvl 5 did stump me though

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very fun

I struggled with this game more than I'd like to admit. I think it is a very creative idea and you added mechanics to change up each maze. By the 3rd one I had gotten the hang of it and it was a lot of fun.

This was a really cute game. I like that music is his safe place

yeah I was heavily inspired by observation duty. I agree the cooldown bar is a good idea. I had thought about it but unfortunately ran out of time. If I ever come back to this I will definitely add it 

that's a good idea thank you

Thanks you! I definitely agree that the shadow is a little too difficult.

Thanks for the feedback. Balancing is always a struggle so I appreciate it.

What a cute cat. I think with some more time this could get really good

Thank you so much for the feedback! You are right a button press to open the shop is a great idea!

Very nice keep it alive game. Really liked the art, especially the slime face.

Fun bullet hell game. Two health bars was neat

Great game mechanic and the difficulty curve was very well balanced. 

Adorable. Saved 7!

Bario really got me

Fun. Gets a little repetitive 

I had fun with this one. Really liked the scene transition

Took a little to really figure out what everything did but it was fun. I can see this being a full game someday.

I really liked this game.

Thank you for the feedback. I had big plans to add multiple things but the time limit got to me. Comments like yours make me very excited to create more so thank you. 

Fun idea. wish I could read the text. I'd recommend adding a score of some kind  

Simple and fun. Got 110 before dying. Wish you could see fish swimming at the bottom of the screen. 

I fully agree with hubertloz64. The game is very cute and handles well but the trash come in too slow.

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Fun game but I though it was very hard. I also liked the art style.

Interesting game. I did find that since the characters don't move that much you can drag them all to one spot and never get hit.

It might be my terrible computer, but this game didn't run smooth at all. It looked like though.

Nice and simple game. Art is pretty good too

Very nice art but I'd recommend adding a score or something like levels so there is a goal.