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Yep. I was able to get him down to 1/3 life by doing that but I'm just too squishy and slow.

Fun little game! Still can't beat that final boss though. Gonna give up unless there is something that changes. Maybe the fourth ring helps? Can't find it if there is one though. Thanks!

What does the new version change?

It's fun. Can't get past the final battle and I think I have all the upgrades. It would be nice if there was some final item that makes you move faster. Maybe I'm missing something. Also I think you should be able to skip the cut scene right before the final battle. It's cool, but I only need to see it once...

Would also recommend different buttons for magic and attack, way too hard to get what you need when the moment comes leading to needless frustration.

Looks Cool!

How do you get through the light wall?