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Thanks! (I wasn't sure if it was a clue or a warning lol)

I managed to finish it, fun game
I actually didn't die even once

Gonna be honest, I have no clue how to solve the android puzzle and I'm stuck

other than that, it was cool so far

what does the orb says? english is not my native language so I struggle to understand voices that are not clear

Gonna be honest, I didn't like the overreliance on jumpscares

Just coming back to say I hope you haven't died or anything since I have not seen you release anything on a while, I love the style you use for these games

To this day, I'm still captivated by this one

Nice job

I agree with this one too

From time to time, I come back to this one
I love it

I miss it too

Vibing on THE END

while I like the idea behind this game, the perfomance is really bad and I can't enjoy it

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I agree

I love it

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Being honest... I think the new version feels too on the nose, while I like the concept and visuals, the sounds/music feel too aggresive and make the danger feel obvious to me, the same with the way that the other things and details appear in front of you, I think it could benefit of being a more subtle and not as clear, making me not be able to understand completely what's happening, more stuff hidden, smaller details, making me question if what I saw was real or just my imagination, and if it is good or bad in someway


thank you!

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It's beautiful

but the steering feels... weird

but almost everything else is really nice