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Well, yeah. There hasn't been a content update for a while... 

Not for long though!

I'm aiming for sometime next week or at the latest the week after that (so before the 31st). We're doing internal playtesting right now, checking for stuff like bugs/errors.

Members of our Patreon page will be getting it slightly earlier (as a little benefit) but everybody will be notified at the same time when it's out. :P

We have 2 so far, but it's still very early in the story. C:

Our current plans are:
The game is mostly a linear story, but you'll be able to pursue the many side characters along the way.

Definitely! There are some fun ideas I wanna try out in future projects.

Not sure when we'll get this thing done though... This'll probably be a pretty long term commitment still.

All our game releases are free on this site! 
If you're looking to support our development/project, please check out our patron page here! We offer benefits and soon there'll be merch too! C:


Hmm. I can't seem to replicate the issue.
I had the file checked everytime before I upload it anywhere on virustotal.

I had it checked again. Here's the link to it.

It's most likely a false positive, I think it should be safe.

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That's weird...? First I ever heard of a problem like this. What antivirus are you using? Maybe I can test it on my end too

well, Freeddy's asking about a specific scene/act (trans/trans frottage), which the game doesn't have yet. :P

Hmm. Not in the game currently. 
I haven't have any of that sort planned yet, but its not out of the question. :P

It's the result of some redundant code. (that I should've deleted). It's already fixed in the new patch! (Hopefully)

I disabled rollback and forgot to turn it back on. Whoops. 
Will be added back in on the next update! C:

Whoops. Forgot about that. :P
Thanks for reminding me!

Aww.. that sucks. Hope you still enjoyed the game tho (maybe) C:

You know what would be GREAT? ASMR-ish nail clipping sound effects and relaxing piano music.

I love how simple it looks. Sadly, I walk away and never ate bread ever again.
But I ate bread irl later so it's all good.

Hey man, very interesting concept. Great execution too! 

Can you provide us detail of the crashing and your PC spec? Never happened before but will definitely look into it with more details. - North

It's an intended feature tho :P sorry if its kind of a bad joke but the idea is that you are stuck with the girl forever like parody on DDLC XD

Thanks for playing through the game! - North