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Cool short game. I've always wanted to make an interesting multi-character PS game, and this concept is really nice.

Fantastic game, I really love it.

The Animations with the flames are really ambitious (especially the trail when you move). The sound design is actually smarter than I first realized. And even some twisty story.

You explore the mechanic really well, starting off to show the easy cases and then move on to really show how deep some of the parts gets, without starting to introduce more mehcanics or anything. 

Simple, interesting, clean. Well done!

The game is interesting. The mechanic is simple yet have something to thing about. You do not try to push it by introducing more mechanics or such, but rather keep it clean, and just let the player explore. This I like.

What I do not like is the level orders and the repetitions. There are multiple levels which are exactly the same, which I felt were quite pointless to redo. The level sequencing is also very weird since they are clearly not in increasing difficulty. Level 3 is the first level with some challenge, but then level 6 comes as a completely trivial level.  Level 11 is, according to me, the hardest level in the game, but then there are a couple of more levels left, with the close to trivial level 14 in there.

I guess there is some easter egg going on, or such, with the order of the letters, but I didn't really bother to write it down and so didn't figure it out, so the only thing the ordering othe level did was lower my play experience. 

So my critique would be that you should remove some repeat levels and do some reordering. Other than that the game is cool, fun, interesting and elegant. Good job.

... also on the technical side I really whish I had come up with doing this idea for a game with multiple player controlled characters.

Nice game.
The story actually caught my eye and I enjoyed that part too (I usually completely ignore this in puizzlescript games),

Good job!


I hope it wasn't too tough until the last levels though. My hope when designing the levels in a short game like this is to have the first third (level 1 and 2 in this case) to be easy, the second third (level 3,4,5 in this case) to be non-trivial yet solvable by just trying around a bit (and thus learning the principles of the game), and then the last third (level 6,7,8 in this case) to be actually challenging possibly not something all players will take the time to solve.  This is the reason why I print the message "Level 5 out of 8" at the start of each level, so when the players gets to the last levels they can get some extra stamina to get through the tricky part by seeing the end goal of completing the game.

Thanks :-)


Indeed a big part of the early game is to actually figure out what is going on and exactly what the rules are. One of the main tricky level design features is the "one stap away from the goal, yet the correct solution is completely different"-feature which I think is cool and fits in this game well.

I think GDWC might be a bit ambitious for me, but I will keep it in mind in case I start doing a larger project some time.


Actually after level 7 there is a twist in the game. No new things are introduced, but a new aspect is shown which then is used for the last 4 levels. So I recomend that you try to get passed level 7. 

This is a nice twist on the sokoban mechanic. The "YES" and "NO" messages are fun in the beggining when you are still confused to what is happening. But at the later levels it gets really annoying to get a message and annoying sound each time you make a wrong move and try to think. 

Many levels are well designed and feel really rewarding to solve. However, some of the levels are late in the game, yet very easy, almost like I found unintended solutions...

All in all, good job. Nice Game!

First of all, please make it "play in browser" so we do not have to download the html first.

The rules of the game are quite simple, so I would personally not put out the 4 pages of text in the begining of the game to tell the player exactly how it works.

I really don't like level 3, i don't think it adds anything for the player to learn but just forces the player to push a lot of obvious buttons. Level 1 and 2 are good introductions and then the difficulty ramps up in a good pace with level 4 and on.

Level 6-8 and 10  were interesting and required some thought from me. But whats up with level 9 coming as the second to last level and being very easy? (or maybe it is just me)

In general though, it is a fun short game. Good job!

Thanks for providing the code for the game. I would sugest putting it as a downloadable file, in case you actually want to use this comment secion for anything else. I like your solution for spelling words. 

Added PuzzleScript source code as a downloadable text file. Enjoy.

Use the "new technique" you learned in the three previous levels. 

The first part (when you figure out which parts needs to be the first) is quite hard to solve, but it is solvable. I dont want to put detailed hints/solutions here in the comments, but if you want you can reach me on twitter @AhlmanOve

I promise that all levels, including level 10, are possible to solve, and after level 5 (where action is introduced) you have all the tools to solve them. Level 10 has however a purpose in forcing the player to learn a new strategy while solving these puzzles.

Do you want a hint?

Nice Game.

At first I thought it was just trial and error. But then I figured out that you could think a lot about the lengths and then things got easier. Maybe this should be encouraged more. The first few levels could be solved by just "make a pretty pattern" which makes later levels quite much harder.