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ewww, god thats so gross, cis men in general scare me, ive had similar experiences, though not yet from a stranger, but i get it, its not fun. Im transmasc not transfem but people can get so creepy once they clock you. Thank you for making this story and sharing your experience, im so sorry he did that to you. The fetishization of trans people has got to stop, we are just trying to live our lives out here smh. 

same, just for funsies, wasnt sure what to do with  the enby things tho. i put em in male since people always catagorise enby people as girl lite.

This was so fun! thank you!

God this was so good, and one of the few games that genuinely left me shaking after playing. Theres always something about psychological horror that hits 1000 times harder than jumpscares ever could. Imma be honest im almost sympathetic for the mother, clinging to her sons life so hard she deludes herself into believing it'll be okay again. And god, the poor little girl, having to struggle through her mothers delusions. I honestly dont think a single person in this game isnt a victim, the mothers trying to cope, the fathers going along with it at risk of his own life, and the poor little girl having to deal with it all. 

All in all. 10/10 game 

Bro, I wasn't expecting to love Sam so much oml. They are literally so awesome, I can't?!

I can't get past the lawnmower part on day 6... I can see the mower in the shed but i can't click it... not with my trackpad or my spacebar.. Idk if this is a glitch or if I'm doing something wrong but it's not working..

I may have forgotten I was in the horror section of the site...

I- I'm more upset that the thing that came in and killed me said I had terrible fashion sense.. Rude.. lmao, great game though!

I stabbed her... and I cut off my finger.. I'm not sure if there's anything else I can do though..

This was so so good! The only downside I can think of is that there's no background noise... I always have a bit of trouble focusing on games without any kind of noise lol. Its really well made though! It was a lot of fun and I got really happy when I could make her smile, it's such a sweet game!

I accidentally made Karl a lesbian...

I got ending 4 the first time around and I gotta say, this game is really really well made, I love it! Like, who doesn't like some good ol' eldritch abominations y'know? Seriously though, this is awesome! I also love that you added enby pronouns as a feature, not enough people do that so to see that made me really happy!