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Ah, this is fantastic! 

You should release a spritesheet for this style (maybe a colored one as well!) 


Dude, this is sick. 5 hours? you're insane

Hi There! 

I used your Golem pack as part of my game Jam submission, thanks a lot! 

The art style was my main inspiration for the game.

Hi There! 

I used your fire sprite for level 3 of my game Jam submission, thanks a lot!

Hi There! 

I used your chess sprites for levels 6 and 8 of my game Jam submission, thanks a lot!

Hi There! 

I used your demon sprite as the boss on the last level of my game Jam submission, thanks a lot!

Ah omg, Kvsr is awesome! I highly recommend buying from him.

Sent me just the faces in an jiffy! Thank you so much! 

Email sent! 

Aw, I Was hoping the faces would be available without the PC as well, I guess I could try to edit them out

This is amazing, keep making more! 

So much personality in such a simple style. 

I second this

Thank you! 

Could you post examples of the ui?? ^^

I love this so much ^-^

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Love this so much! 

Building a 2d MMO out of your fantasy asset packs

Edit: Definitely focus on it. Will join your patreon soon just for this :)

Is the tile placements on this seasonal tiles the same across all the seasons? 

(So simply switching the atlas would render the same map in a different season)