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Minotaur OP

Woah, someone played it lol Glad you enjoyed it! 

I think it's a good fit for the style so glad you didn't remove him! Might be handy to add it to the info though :) 

Does this include the character? If not where can I purchase it? 

Awesome! You're fantastic. <3

I was thinking more of a pop up to overlay on top.

Definitely, I literally thought about a dating sim project yesterday!

Any chance there could be an overlay Victory/Defeat layer?

Wow, how come i didn't see this in my feed? 

The timing is perfect! XD

Hi, I would like to commission to expand one of your packs. 

I saw on the blog it says, non-commercial use. Is this still true when purchasing here?  

Hi, who would I speak to about commissioning some additional art for this asset pack?

Your UIs are sick!

Aw I see, love the style! 

This is amazing, also where's the character in the pictures from? 

I have most of these (except the skills and UI). Is there anything new in this bundle or is it just all the packs put together? 

Oh okay! I will keep an eye out! 

Yeah I can see the desert and beach as season-less areas. Would be neat if the main forest/town had winter/summer/autumn tile-sets with matching indexes (would make seasons a breeze coding wise).

Curious to see what the direction you take with it! 

Are the climates meant to be different areas or do the tilesets match (meant for seasons) ?

You're quick! Good stuff lol

Perfect timing :)

Any chance we could get a GUI for this set?

This is fantastic!

Perfect tileset for practicing implementing a season cycle :) 

Hope you add other seasons at some point!

This is absolutely stunning.

Are you planning on releasing these in the future? 

What are the differences (aside from size) between this pack and the other? 

The map reminds of me mario xD I love it

You're the first person I see to include a sample map for tile! 

That's incredibly helpful! :D

Love it! 

Holy wow dude, I love this so much

There's definitely interest! Itchio definitely lacks a good farm pack :)

This is fantastic.. please release game assets to make an open world game matching this style!

(Farming, hunting, mining, seasons, rain, etc) 

Thank you very much sir. 

Hey! Where can I find the stage tile? 

Instant buy! So pretty lol. 

I was going through your portfolio, any plans of releasing that big Isometric piece as an asset pack? I have always been curious about making something similar to habbo hotel and that style would be perfect! 

Also curious what a maple story like mock up would look like from you. 

Hey, I love this. Keep going my dude! 

I really want to buy this even though I don't think I am going to use it. It's so pretty lol

Hooray! Thank you so much :D

Ah, this is fantastic! 

You should release a spritesheet for this style (maybe a colored one as well!) 


Dude, this is sick. 5 hours? you're insane

Hi There! 

I used your Golem pack as part of my game Jam submission, thanks a lot! 

The art style was my main inspiration for the game.

Hi There! 

I used your fire sprite for level 3 of my game Jam submission, thanks a lot!