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here's me

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c-cchad gamer?

ha I thought this was a newer game

thank u ver educational

hi, maybe i'm being dumb rn but how does this game's save system work? I've logged out in the OS and exited the program, but every time i do it seems to reset the messages

ok, this game is legitimately fantastic!  just when you think you have the gameplay down, be wary, it will mess with your perception & expectations completely. at least for me lol

and yet the puzzles were still great and i enjoyed throughout. definitely one to go in blind btw. thanks for creating this unique, infernal experience !! 

may i ask how

yeah not that exact amount but I can't get it to extract for shit. 9GB is supposed to be the minimum, i have much more than that free but the error comes up every time

just based off playing Parsnip before did anyone else not expect this to be THIS fucking good??!

or was that just me

good great atmosphere.

for dev: is there a soundtrack that can be downloaded, or would you be considering it?

i have the exact problem. if you just wait a few minutes for some reason it should suddenly enter the game

very interesting game. wish I could give money for estrogen and greggs meals (whatever that is) directly

Creator, wherever you are I truly hope youre doing great. or at least better. I just w anted to say this "zine" (among very different games) have actually inspired me to create some experiemtnal artpiece myself someday. I've just had a lot of time to think about the future with all the shit going on nowadays. idk maybe it's a stupid thought and I'm sure it means nothing to you. 

but I think it's important for those like me who felt they havent done anything important in their life, be encouraged to make an expression. something that will be a part of their history on this earth. but it's all just coding after all.

Also is there an official ost for this anywhere? it's quite interesting 

didn't work for me. 

worf is a pretty good boi


It's in the shed just right click on the lawnmower 

this is pretty cool for a simple birthday game lol. however there's this glitch during the bossfight if you move to the left path, I get stuck on this weird screen where nothing happens and I can't move