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Woaw !! Thank you so much !! 馃榾

Thank you Giovi ! :)

OK thank you radius75 ! :)

I know that. 

My question was :

Is it normal when I win a fight and I have a reward of 2 magic points, my counter remains at zero

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I know where is the deep forest, this is not the question  :)

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Hi Sarah!  :)

I'm playing with V1.0.3

I have used all my magic points and cannot recover any, even when I win a fight and I win some magic points, the counter remains at zero. I am stuck because impossible to sleep, clarissa sends me back each time to continue my adventure: I have to go see the dark damned spirit in the deep forest. Is it normal that Briley's magic counter remains at zero even with 2 magic points gained after a fight?

This game is purely adictive, I can't stop it !!!!


Bravo for this magnificent adaptation! This is quite simply the best Galaga on our beloved Commodore 64! You did a really good job

Hi Mr drmortalwombat ! :)

Sorry but this is the only way I found to contact you .

I would like to speak about Gate of Ancient in the news of September for my french youtube channel Commodore 64 Mania. 

Would you be so kind as to answer a few questions ? 

You can contact me at

Best regards


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Hello Roman, 

I would like to talk about your game Babylon's Ark in my youtube channel: Commodore 64 Mania for the news! For that I would like to ask you some small questions about the development of the game!

I'm contacting you through your game's page because I couldn't find any other way to contact you, sorry about that! ;)

Would you be so kind as to contact me on my email address so that I can send you some questions? thanks to you !! :)


Very cool game with amazing parralax scrollings! 馃槉