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Really interesting premise. Looks like it was abandoned, which is a shame--would've liked to see more of this.

Nothing specific planned for now, but it's definitely on the table.

Yes, it's taking longer than expected and we're dealing with some other stuff so we appreciate your patience.

For now it is just a simple viewfinder that doesn't cost anything (unless you want some bonus content and to tip us for the work). However, you may see this characters reappear in the near future in other works...

Sorry for another amateurish mistake on our part. This should be fixed this, as well, now.

Currently working on a fix for this. Wasn't expecting to have an issue at lower resolutions, given the simple nature of the game. Everything works properly at 1920x1080p, but obviously that doesn't help people running lower resolution monitors. Also doing my best to work out the issues with the browser version.

Sorry for the trouble, we are working on this issue at the moment. This is our first Godot game and we're doing our best to iron out the kinks, so we appreciate your patience.

This issue has been fixed. The underlying files were properly named, but the displayed names were incorrect. Thank you for being kind enough to point it out nonetheless.

We haven't forgotten you! We've managed to export the game to an android build, but the remaining 10% of getting the process to work is proving more complicated than we anticipated. Thank you for your patience.

We're having issues exporting into Mac, unfortunately this is a very silly engine limitation where it won't let you export into an OS different from the one you're working in.

We're doing our best to work something out. For now, it might be best to try the android version once we've completed it. Sorry for the trouble.

We've added a Linux version. Please give it a try and tell us if you have any issues.

We've fixed the issue. If you re-download the game, you should be able to switch to full-screen. You'll need to switch to borderless fullscreen from the config menu, as it will still have a border if you do so using the "maximize" button. Please let us know if you have any issues.

As you've probably noticed from following our dev logs, we've been juggling a lot of plates lately and we've ended up neglecting some of our previous releases a bit.

Sorry for the trouble, and thanks for taking an interest in the game in the first place. We hope this fixes any bumps in the road you've run into.

We're sorry this wasn't your cup of tea. We've done our best with our limited budget, and so some areas of the game are slimmer than others. Thanks for playing, nonetheless.

Sorry for the trouble, this seems to be a weird technical issue on Itch's side. Email us your proof of purchase at and we'll
send you keys that unlock the content you're having an issue accessing.

Sorry again for the trouble, and thanks for purchasing.

Severely underrated. I've played pretty much every monster girl game I can get my hands on and this is easily in my Top 10.

We're still working on it.

Working on it.

The page explains that the deluxe edition is the same game plus some bonus goodies and acts as a donation. Sorry if there was a misunderstanding. We hope you enjoyed the game nonetheless.

I was just memeing, but it was interesting to learn this. Very flattered to get such a nice compliment, and thank you for the useful bit of JP knowledge. <3

What did he mean by this

Sorry for the delay! There isn't a difference in the items, the donation version is simply a way of saying you enjoyed the experience and want to tip the developers a few bucks. Completely up to you whether or not you want to purchase it.

Thanks for your interest! <3

Is Paypal not working for you?

Thank you! We hope you enjoy it. <3

Hi there! Sorry for the confusion. The "donation version" of the updated demo contains bonus material as a thank you to purchasers, whereas the old "donation version" did not (hence why the new one is a bit more expensive) and was just a tip.

If you want to email us your proof of purchase, however, we'll make sure to send you a key for the updated donation edition so you don't have to pay twice.

That can be sent to

Sorry for the misunderstanding, once again.

Thank you for your kind words! We put a lot of effort into the story, so it's a relief to hear people stuck around for it. Lewd SFX were a bit strange to implement, and we were honestly torn on leaving them out or putting them in.

Unfortunately there is a bug in the engine that causes those checks to be mismatched. We're still trying to patch it out, but as we've said in our dev log we won't be using this engine again moving forward as it's very, very finnicky with details like that. If you've received both endings, that's all of the story Dark Waters has to offer. We're glad you enjoyed your short story in Cuca's swamp, be sure to redeem your complementary Steam key and leave us a review if it's not too much trouble. <3

Thanks again!

I will be sure to post a dev log once this is resolved. If that doesn't happen in the next few days, I'll be sure to reach out to everyone and give them a Steam key manually.

This is an issue with key groups that we're currently working with admins to resolve. Thanks for your patience, and sorry for the trouble.

Hi there! We're currently working with admins to fix the issue with key groups that's causing this problem. Very sorry for the inconvenience, this is our first time releasing like this and we're working on getting it resolved immediately. Thank you for your patience.

Both of these will be in the game. Look forward to it!

Butt plug will be in the final version. Maybe beads, too.

Room decorating is a bit complicated but gifts are a must!

It is done.

Awesome! Thanks so much for letting us know. We hope you enjoy the game. : )

Hi there! There's an issue some people occasionally have with DLL's when running games made in PGM. Sometimes a DLL is missing but it reports another. TPU has a package that contains all of them, or you can always download "Legend of Jump Jump," a game made by a fellow Pixel Game Maker dev that comes with all the necessary files in an installer. We're planning on adding an installer of our own in the final version of BBS, but one of these two options should fix your issue for now. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Legend of Jump Jump:

This is an issue that affects a small number of people who don't have the proper C++ runtimes. The link below has a .bat file that will download all of them and has fixed the issue for most people. Let us know if this still doesn't help.

Hi there, would you mind specifying how the game is failing to launch? Thanks in advance.

This will be patched out in the upcoming update, don't worry. For now reloading your save might be the only option. Again, sorry for the trouble.

This means you've exhausted all the dialogue options of the prototype. You'll have to keep playing the minigame (save before playing) until you unlock a certain item.

Thank you. The ending leaves room for interpretation, but we're glad you enjoyed it.

The demo is free. The full game (listed as a separate item when you click 'Download Now') is not. Sorry for the confusion!