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Loved the video!

Thank you for playing!

Have a good day!

- Outer Clouds Games -


Thanks for the video!
Really appreciate it!
I hope you liked it :)

Have a good day!

- Outer Clouds Games -

Thank you :)

- Outer Clouds Games -

Thanks :)

- Outer Clouds Games -


Some things are true, some are not actually :3

Spamming little helpy won't slow him, you don't need to check on Funtime Helpy to slow him!

Thank you for playing and sharing tips for other players!

Have a great day!

- Outer Clouds Games -


So I replied under your Youtube video!

Thank you for playing!

- Outer Clouds Games -

No problem!

I find it pretty funny :)

Have an amazing day :3

- Outer Clouds Games -

Hey thanks for the vid :)

But my name is Outer Clouds Games not Outer Space Games ;)

Have a great day!


Thanks for the video!

It was really funny!

Thank you for that amazing message! That really means to me and is impressive to read as a developper!

Have a great day!

- Outer Clouds Games -

Thank you!

That really means a lot to me!

- Outer Clouds Games -


That is the end of the game actually :3

Thank you for playing!

- Outer Clouds Games -


Thank you so much for playing my game!

Have a great day!

- Outer Clouds Games -

Thank you so much!

Good luck for next time! ;)

Maybe try to use the keyboard to use mask and cameras!

It vould help!

Have a good day!

- Outer Clouds Games -


Thank you so much for this amazing video!

There has been no bugs during your playtrough.

It's only Funtime Helpy who is taunting you while you watch the cameras :)

So it's not a bug actually.

Thank you sooooo much for playing and hope to see you soon :)

- Outer Clouds Games -

I am sorry you experienced this... :/


What is the problem?

Well I see the window is small but can't you resize it or switch to fullscreen ?

Thank you soooooo much for playing my game!

I am actually sad to see there are graphical issues during game.
Like the black triangles in the water level... :/
Don't know if it's my fault :(

I am actually surprised that my game stressed you so much!
I would have never thought this would have hapenned someday.
Scaring someone with one of my game is actually an amazing reward!


Have a good day!

- Outer Clouds Games -

You're welcome :)

Thank you so much for playing :3

No, you start from the last checkpoint...

Every 50 rooms, you get a checkpoint and can resume at it this point.

I am sorry if you don't like this way of saving but that's how i got it to for :3

Thank you for your comment and for playing.

See you son ;)

Thank you soooo much !

It is actually possible, have to go by more rooms and the game changes to get to other vibes and rooms :)

Maybe you could try to beat it :)

You where actually the first one that played my game that went that far !!! Well done !

Thank you for the video !

See you soon ;)

I think i might update Tension just to lower the difficulty but I don't know for now... I haven't got any reviews talking about the difficulty so... i don't know what to do ;_;

Still hope you'll like my games :)

Hope you have fun playing my horror games :3

Actually, if you would like an update on Tension, what would you like to see coming up?
How far have you went in the game? (Tension)
Have you got any things annoying you?
What scares you the most?

Well that's all i have to say, See you soon ;)

No, I think i won't add any more update for this game...

Still hope you like it :)

See you soon ;)

Thank you soooooo much!

That means a lot and it was very funny!

Thank you so much!

Was that to hard ?

Hope you stressed ;)

If you have any thoughts, please share them so i can maybe improve :)

Thank you

See you soon ;)

thank you so much :)

well i know and it's problematic... i"m a little sad to know that since you can't play... 

Wow ! Thanks a lot !

This comment is awesome ! I am really happy !

So for the bugs i know but i had to post the project and i didn't had them when testing.

For the Minecraft sounds, if i remember great, there is no copyright.

Well thanks a lot and have a good day

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That was actually : "light" and "love is blind" :)

Well good luck and see you soon ;)


I Played your game and then here are my Ideas and "Critisisms".

So, the map i pretty empty for the moment and finding zombies was pretty long.

Zombies walk on each others and there are some little glitches.

So my Ideas :

Maybe adding some animations to the gun for reloading.

Maybe reducing the map size to give player a little more time with zombies instead of being alone.

I think you didn't use Navmesh but you should take a look at it for your zombies.

Here you go. 

Good luck


Thank you for this video !

Really appreciate it ;)

See you soon


Thank you for playing ;)

I think you played before i made an update so there are glitches...

Hope to see you maybe for another game ;)


Thank you for this video!

I saw a lot of glitches and i will fix them soon and maybe make the house even bigger?

Along with that, see you soon and have a great day ;)

Well thanks a lot for playing!

That was a great video and you are the first to make the two endings!

Well played!

See you soon ;)

Well thank you a lot!

It was a really nice video!

that's actually not a closet :)

Thats a staircase ;)

Well the fact that the intruder was in the staircase was not meant to happen and was obviously a glitch... '○_○

Well see you soon maybe for a new game ;)


Thank you for this video !

It was really funny !!

See you soon and hope you liked the game ;)

Hey i am sorry but your video is in private i can't watch ;)

When is it going to be online ?

Hope you liked the game while playing ;)


Thanks for playing!

I think you speak german ? I am sorry but i don't understand what you said while playing and i hope you liked the game actually ;)

I wouldn't think Someone would say so much french bad words while playing my game :)

Well see you soon and thank you for playing 

You're welcome ahah

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Wow... uh... i am sorry because the game got some bugs while you played...

To explain quickly if you want to play another time :

There are keys : can open every locked doors but not the main door

The Master key : can open the main door but not the others

The gun : can shoot at the intruder

I am not sure if you actually liked the game '°_°

Think i'll have to do an update :)

Still hope so

See you soon ;)