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thanks for playing! sorry about the slowdown, were you playing the web build? the games not supposed to slow down when you get hit but the web build does have extreme lag when getting hit for some reason. trying to work on a fix.

Edit: should be fixed!


I'll be working with godot 4! Good luck to all the other godot users, can't wait to build off your ideas!

Thank you!!


thank you!

thank you so much!! That is definitely a problem, and it's one I only noticed just before the jam ended, so I sadly wasn't able to fix it. There's a similar event in level 2 where if you go right when the spinning bar appears instead of left you take unavoidable damage. I do really want to expand upon this idea and if I do I will make sure these events don't occur. And as for it not being a bullethell, I'd agree. It started as one, but as the concept evolved and I had more time with it, I realized that if I had regular bullethell patterns, it would be very unfair, and the points where you get hit just by "being in the wrong place" would be far too frequent. 

Thanks, Good luck!

Thanks! It was nice seeing your words of encouragement in the discord while working on it :)


Thank you! I'm an avid believer in strong tutorials!

Thank you! Glad you found it!

Thank you! Yeah the second stage had to be cut a bit short, so it was a bit easier. I should have made them both a bit easier, i-frames would have helped with that

Thank you!

Thanks! It was a lot more difficult than it should have been so don't feel bad about skipping levels!

Thank you! Yeah, I got a lot of complaints about the difficulty, As a dev its hard to judge. But your right I should have added a checkpoint or healing system!

Great entry! What it lacks in polish is made up for in it's gameplay and amount of content. The games length is amazing considering the time it was made in, and the patterns are all very creative and play well into the games main mechanic, which is a great idea. My only complaints would be it feels a little unpolished, and the enemies feel a little bullet spongey

thank you!

Thank you, and thanks for your advice with the ui, I think it turned out great thanks to you!

Thank you! Yeah I agree, I think It's a bit punishing as it is and i-frames would help with that

The games pretty fun but the physics feel a little off and there's basically no indicator of if you're taking damage. I did love the art and dialogue at the start though!

thank you! yeah your right I should have added checkpoints, but I wasn't able to get round to it!


thank you! 

thanks so much!


lmao thank you

This rules. Amazing art, super creative levels good controls, (not quite pizza tower good, but good nonetheless) and an amazing soundtrack
overall, I give this game a P-rank/10

This is such a breath of fresh air. I was expecting some super edgy gore-filled parody, but this actually feels like something Nintendo could release. Great work!

thank you! glad it worked for you!


thank you!

thanks for the feedback!

thank you?

thank you!

thank you! the gems collision can be a bit buggy, but I'm glad you enjoyed it anyway!

thank you!

Thank you!

so true