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Quite a good game! I love the premise and I think the main character is quite cute. There are some small issues with it, though.

  • Sometimes you can't select things on the paper. 
  • Selecting something on the paper can interact with the backround still.
  • The grammar/spelling is a bit incorrect in some places. (It's quite minor though, nothing that makes the game impossible or anything.)
  • When talking to the frog kid I selected something like "do you have any hobbies?" and the frog thought I asked about money - hit detection may be a little off. 

Other than that, quite good! I'd love to see this become a full game if that's something you're pursuing! Though if I may suggest this - perhaps a way to skip the cutscenes? And if you uploaded a download for it, I'd download it in a hot second!

I was able to pass the first one, but I do have a problem. Because I use a trackpad I can't rotate the camera and try to get all the angles. 

Either way, it's fun and neat <3. 

A big toughy. It's certainly a brain teaser, but I'm lucky to have beaten it on my first try. I'd recommend this game, and I'd love to see even more games like this in the future.