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I'm sorry to pop in with this issue, but the game isn't loading for me. I've disabled Adblock and everything, but it doesn't seem to help. 

I feel you dude. I got the game in the bundle and fired it up, saw the graphic quality options and I gotta admit I'm kinda uncomfortable. 

If the dev is autistic and poking fun at themself it doesn't come well across text, or if the dev isn't autistic and just making fun of those of us who are then... yikes! 

Thank you so much!! I got the final certificate I needed and got into the unlocked area!

Question is... After all this I still have an extra folding stool, razor, and cheezy bar. Is there anything to do with them? And what's the purpose of the cake in the alley? Do you know? :o

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I must ask, however, if you have any hints/tips how to get the second certificate/plaque? I have 1, 3, 4, and 5, but I'm not sure what to do for that 2nd one.

I have an extra step-stool, cheezi bar, and two extra razors. I don't know if they're used in finding this second plaque? 

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I've been eyeing this game since the demo came out, and I'm lucky to have a friend who bought it for me today. I've been playing it for hours now, and after getting 2 endings and many objects, I'm floored by how wonderful this game is. Thank you for making such a fun and amazing game!

Quite a good game! I love the premise and I think the main character is quite cute. There are some small issues with it, though.

  • Sometimes you can't select things on the paper. 
  • Selecting something on the paper can interact with the backround still.
  • The grammar/spelling is a bit incorrect in some places. (It's quite minor though, nothing that makes the game impossible or anything.)
  • When talking to the frog kid I selected something like "do you have any hobbies?" and the frog thought I asked about money - hit detection may be a little off. 

Other than that, quite good! I'd love to see this become a full game if that's something you're pursuing! Though if I may suggest this - perhaps a way to skip the cutscenes? And if you uploaded a download for it, I'd download it in a hot second!

I was able to pass the first one, but I do have a problem. Because I use a trackpad I can't rotate the camera and try to get all the angles. 

Either way, it's fun and neat <3. 

A big toughy. It's certainly a brain teaser, but I'm lucky to have beaten it on my first try. I'd recommend this game, and I'd love to see even more games like this in the future.