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thanks a lot ! i really loved this one!

Perfect !

Thanks lot for playing it and feedback!

Thanks a lot!

Thanks for feedback, I do think the voice should be little more listenable ^^

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Hello! I have played the game first when you post it before submission end on minijam discord, I really liked the stressful moment of making decision quick. The use of limitation is well found too!

For the mountain you need to go up there is no collision on some tile. When you got the "sprout" go down until there is the exit ^^

Thanks a lot ! 

Really nice game, and the use of the limitation is really well done! Good work!

Thanks and sorry for the let reply! For the sea chapter you need to listen the voice when you are on a stone ^^

Thanks and sorry for the let reply! For the sea chapter you need to listen the voice when you are on a stone ^^

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Season 9033 xD Lovely art !

Really nice one. It make you realize little life thing, here is my ending

The rocket jump will stay in memories forever xD

I love it! The character animation who talks to you is nicely done! And I love the difficulty!

Omg xD The chessboard one, I manage to get one score at the end, I knew it will be what I was thinking xD

Oh nice! I hope It was not too small detail ! Thanks !

Pressing space don't advance the dialog?

I normally test the whole game couple of time and didn't run into an issue on the web.

What happen? Can you screenshot what you have be?

it is lovely! keep good work!

Nice use of limitation! Nice work

Cute little robot, and the deceive theme is well incorporate along with the death mechanic.

Really nice game, very polish and love the small little ghost! Just run in a small bug where the car go under-map when to close to the hospital. Nice work