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The world isn't ready for this (yet)

Thank you for your feedback!

I'll surely subscribe 😄

Thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed our game ☺️

Thanks for playing and your feedback!

We created that project in about two weeks, so crunch time started almost immediatly 😂 The save system is definitely missing, but with the time constraints we had to sadly do some cuts. Hope you still had a good time playing!

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Damn. Already a playthrough video? Thanks for playing! :D

The ending you got is actually a bug ^^' (the screen where you're stuck at the end of your video is not the end). No idea how you managed to do that xD

I've made an update today to Pokealots Escape. If you have a Android device, I'd be happy if you would check it out! :)

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It's a fun idea, but man... This game's hard! xD I always die in less than 3 seconds, because until i've killed one zombie at least two have taken it's place. I think it would be better if the amount of hits a zombie can take would be around 3 instead of ~8(?).

I might be wrong and just suck at it :P

Thanks man! Actually, the menu is part of the game, because i didn't know how to design a menu that you can control with only one button :P

Thanks! :D

Thanks! Glad you like it!

Music source is Kevin MacLeod. You can find him on youtube. He has a bunch of royalty free music :)