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thank you, glad you enjoyed it.

the 3$ game jam community · Created a new topic Winner!

this game jam is officially over, I hope you had fun making your games and learned something, your games were awesome, I was really surprised by how good those games were, you are all winners, but the winner of the game jam is Tsokotuha Fly by GordienkoGames

please contact me on my instagram for the prize.

when I try all the games :)

hello, I think you compressed the wrong files, please resubmit your game

the 3$ game jam community · Created a new topic Patreon
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Become a Patron


paypal or game donations, whatever the winner chooses

you can participate alone or in a team, your choice, I didn't put a rule preventing teams so it's okay you can choose

yes, the game jam can't be started now, but it will begin at the current start date

yes sir

great experience

that was fun

loved it



nice game

Hi, So I just knew you make youtube videos about games, so I just wanted you to try my short game 'The Dark Ball'

Thank you <3

thank you :)))))

Thank you, I'll make sure to add more

Thanks man

Thank you :))

299 everyone any competitive?

Really challenging, reached 101 in the score, and it was hard. loved the idea of the shields, but also didn't know how to get rid of the tacos following me, do they have like a field of vision that I should avoid or smth? Good Job Man I'll play your game from time to time, it's so fun

really loved the idea

For some reason it does not load :l

cool idea but it would've been nicer if we could turn the camera around

didn't work :(


Really liked the UI and animations, becomes addicting after a while, loved it

Loved the sound effects and idea, Good job mate

Didn't work for me, but it seems good

Simple and easy, Love it!

really loved the game

I don't think there's a problem, they didn't say about it in the rules

Working just fine with me