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they're all blondes criess maia really likes blonde i can't

I really, really, really want to play this game sighs ;;-;; but my laptop won't launch the game so I can't huaaaaaa hopefully I can play this game one day because I love Halloween Otome. Best luck to you!

I really, really love this game and YOU, yes, you, SweetChiel, the developer.

I'm so proud, glad and happy that I can finally play otome game that has an Indonesian theme! I love the way you introduce our exotic animal (Reksha *cough*), traditional clothes and even our language, too.

The story itself is also very interesting and all the characters are well-developed, my fav is the cutie Reksha my bby //w// 

I'm looking forward to your next projects, especially the Bermuda Triangle. I wish you the best luck, and sorry that I can't really put a thorough review because it has been a long time since I played this game uwu

Anyways, semangat mbak sweetchiel! :3

This, is hands down my favorite otome game.

I really, really love how every routes has their own unique story and doesn't only copy paste. I really adore all the characters, they are all so precious and I especially admire Lucette and her character growth throughout all the routes. The art is really stunning and the plot is just worth playing over and over again. I'll never get bored.

I really admire how, despite this game being free-to-play it feels like an expensive commercial game. I thank you so much for making this game and I'm terribly sorry for not being able to pay because I'm still a student that lives in a country that doesn't allow students to work so, yeah...

I'm looking forward to your next games and hopefully I can buy it with my own money next time. Cheers!