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I loved this game! The art style was pleasing, the music suited the feel of the game, the characters immediately showed individual personality, the object descriptions added a lot to the narrative, the scenes were intriguing, and the dialogue and inferred information show that there is a much larger story behind this and dip into it perfectly. All the aspects of this game complimented each other to create a spot-on ambient feel throughout, and the intuitive controls made it possible to jump right into the game and get immersed right away. I've seldom found games in this style, unfortunately (Home and its sequel The Journey Home are both great, and they're similar in style and storytelling fashion but differ in maneuvering and lack descriptions), but it's a fantastic change of pace from the loads of boring, storyless games out there. I'm looking forward to the "larger story" you mentioned in response to MikeyBlighe, good luck!

By the way, where can I find more games like this? I've never found one in quite this style, and I'd love to play others! (Sorry for rambling.)