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So much of these stories resonated with my own childhood <3
We moved a lot though, never had our own garden. Even the fire scares in Canberra, and glandular fever when i was younger, and now living with chronic illness. I feel very connected to you and your family thank you so much for sharing. I really loved this format too, little discoveries of details, maybe its easier for my dyslexcia to read as well, but  i really loved it! Thank you (both!) for the work

Great to use alongside isobox, love the rotation option too. Thank you for the spiffy tool!

thank you! making this made me laugh a lot :P 

i agree so much! Merry christmas to you too <3 

Cute graphics, great memes, and good sound! Fun game nice work!

cute style with music to match! cool concept i had not played before nice work everyone

nice map to run around in and explore, would be cool to see more time put into this project! very cute character and slug <3 

thank you for taking the time to check out my little end result :D Will definantly return the gesture <3