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I couldn´t get the Mpreg/group sex scene???

is there any code or option you need to do in order to activate it???

Ok, thank you very much. I was mostly worried because of him losing his skills/abilities, so I thought that if I arrived at later points I would REALLY need them and since they wouldn´t be usable, I wouldn´t be able to proceed in the game.

You aren´t supposed to. Chimeras can´t be beat, you always lose to them. In order to continue the story from the first boss, you have to choose the "Submit" option, insted of trying again.

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Still haven´t finished the game, but just for the sake of planning on how I will complete it, cI would like to know, since you end up losing levels after a Chimera scene, is it possible to end the game even after all their scenes, or do i have to pick and choose which ones I want to see or not???