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A member registered Jan 26, 2021

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dashy cat for nickolodeon smash 

Another banger

ahah, yeah, well i still have to compete with the WR holder, so  i gotta get better :o

yeah, you're more of a casual gamer, which is good too, you discover a lot of games 

nope, i play one game at a time until i get really good at it, right now im on deepest sword :)

nope, i play one game at a time until i get really good at it, right now im on deepest sword :)

"long dragon lays ahead" :o

hey densch, i didnt see you replied to this, so i replied to your newer comment, great to see you from a graveyard for dreams, i actually beat this time, but i already told you that, here is the link ! 

of course, here is a video of me completing the whole game in 3 minutes 

oh hello densch ! my PB is 3:01 right now, its a really good game for speedrunning :)

nope, wr is 2:59 rn

first ! ahah

a time of 2:50 isn't really possible as far as i know

its not rly hard, in under 30 mins i could get around 6 minutes run, now my runs are around 3 minutes, some games are hard for the sake of the challenge, and i think the little bit of difficulty goes well with the puzzly gameplay similar to getting over it

great game, 3:11 is my PB, gonna go for wr

press r to reset

please add me on discord :(

i have added you :)

hey, sorry for not answering for a long time, here is my discord : blackdead287#5401

oh, you havent saved your game ? then its ok, i can help you, but its if you want :)

hey, i could help you get those, i can add you on discord and help you from there :)

Hello Jani, i love this game so much ! I was wondering, will you ever add content to it, or make a follow-up game? After the end, The hero could explore the word of the dead :o

also, i've noticed some glitches:

-if you take damage at the same time as entering a castle, you stay at 0 hearts without dying

-with a kinda hard timing, you Can down attack on the boss and get above the bossroom

-when you attack and then open a chest, tour sword is still visible 

there are other glitches but theyre too useful for me to tell you :p

Hello CoolMathGame ! i'm a really big fan of this game, i've finished it countless time, and i was wondering if you could advertise the speedrun for this game to your best gamers :)