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I had the same issue, the fix was to change the output directory. I think the program doesn't allow outputting into the same directory as the program's files, so just changing to any other directory then allows you to output. After that I had no problem saving.

So, what you're saying, succinctly, is that if there were a sequel, that you would like more of everything. Specifically. That is highly doable :)

Most puzzles don't have a sequential requirement and different character builds can skip some puzzles (e.g. an insane strength build character can skip the amulet puzzle). From memory I think about half of the monsters can be defeat via alternate paths.

I've always loved the idea of a rogue-lite adventure, where you could get different parts of the game/story depending on your stats/build, with some sort of procedurally generated puzzle system. Might make that one day, if I can convince my partner that spending several more years on the one game is in our best interests :D If I do, I'll be sure to give you a heads up!

That's awesome that you finished it. You're now part of a very exclusive club of upwards of 4 adventure-playing geniuses :)

Any parts of the game you really liked/disliked? I may make a sequel some day so any feedback is welcome!

Did you rename any items? That was my favourite feature that I wish more games had.

Ahoyhoy. I'm so glad you like the game :) (less so that sneaky bugs appeared, but thanks for reporting them!).

Found and squashed the culprits (the first was me forgetting to add the creation location of the mirror in the Shady Wall room, the second was forgetting to remove some old code after I'd created the "Death Screen" where previously the player was only notified of death via the Text Response at the bottom, which no longer shows).

I've also added you to the Special Thanks section of the credits for helping QA test the game :)

The new version (v1.0.5) should work fine with the old saves as they aren't altered, so just install over the top of the old install. I'm using a newer version of GameMaker 2 so hopefully that doesn't cause any unseen hiccoughs...

And we're released! Incoming emoticons in 3.. 2.. 1.. :D :D :D

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The game is about 98% complete, just hunting for bugs. Feel free to join me in finding them :)

The game takes about 8 hours for your first play through and, if you're so inclined, can speedrun it in about 30mins.