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So basically when i start playing i bring a notebook to write the numbers and when i go to each and every one of them i write the next clues until the numbers stopped then i get confused between the places that i think i left something undone in them , but if you think that i didn't saw other things or clues, i'm just going to replay the game to know what i missed !! thanks in advance

hey mateusz , i just wanna know in sub : uni if i ran out of clues i mean the location numbers do i go to random place (like i always do) or what , when i play this game and stop at some point i feel stupid do i miss somethings or it's just like that....

I'm sorry SDRanger for the very late reply i'v been busy and thanks for the info i didn't know where to ask so i dropped it here , i know that MS is working hard to make his games perfect and i'm looking forward to his next updates on his games but he make them very hard that i dislike going to youtube to walkthrough it hh talk later!!

another question: in submachine 10 what can i do with the spoon and the four stone cubes ?

Hey, i just want to know what's the time you take between updates, thanks.