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Plays and looks better than AC, very enjoyable demo. The sounds on target hits should show bit more scatter clutter, smaller bits n bobs flying round the main missile hit randomly. The ground, the hills, the rocks and the desert terrain look fantastic but other places round the World will have green flora, trees, military movements etc.

Campaign could be I am just wishing something like in 'Strike Commander'  where the main pilot is part of a organisation, taking up big contracts from nations hiring to take out their bad guys,  through precision strikes  and a team of pilots fly to different governments round the World and do these missionary contracts. 

SC was a old but ahead of its time game when it first came out in 1993. I still remember firing those aim-120 amraam. 

Falcon 4 was another flight sim that came a long way to being great, spent tons of hours on that one.

You are on the right path from what I have seen by playing this demo today.

Whatever the campaign you have in mind  I feel assured, will be just great  and we shall enjoy playing this full game in the near future.

Many thanks for letting us try this upcoming game.