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Yes it’s perfect now ! :)

This looks great ! And btw, I noticed a problem on this page, the dark blue text color is so dark that you can’t see what’s written in the « more information » box.

I can’t manage to finish the 3rd level, it keeps telling me that the song is not over. What should I do ?

There’s a slight problem with the mobile controls, if you double tap a button, for example the left arrow, the browser will register that as a zoom, and zoom in.

Nice game ! But I have a question, how do you make your thumbnails, they’re so cool !

Yeah, but I don’t have any levels idea for the last two, I’m not a good level designer :)

But this version is an old one, you can play the very last one here : (but it may have bugs)

Thanks ! And I didn’t know about that game, I’ll check it out !

Nice game ! I‘ve been trying to implement mobile controls to Pico 8 but I haven’t really found a way out, unless using someone else’s code. How have you done your mobile controls ?

Ok, I didn’t know that we could do 3D. And thanks for checking Blockrush out !

Thanks for the feedback !

Thanks !

Wow I really love the gameplay of this game ! The 2D sprites are really well designed !

Very nice game ! I really love the graphic style, but it isn’t really pixeled. The gameplay is fun and not too complex, it’s really nice ! I’m the creator of Blockrush, another submission to the Pixeler’s jam. Feel free to check it out !

Thanks ClingyRaisin,

I will update them as soon as possible;

And of course I do not take your comment personally, it helps me with my game, so thank you again :)