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Make a spritesheet, It is super inconvenient to export your asset to unity.

Cool tileset! Love it. Thank you.

It was my first experience and I wish I could do more. 

First stage: people act like normal drink, talk(look at each other), eat.

Second stage: people start to pass over of throw out in toilets(which allows vampire to drink their blood) In addition to that, two receptionists appear and have lists of people on the party and what some people tend to do(For example receptionist says that James Disney tend to drink a lot or hates garlik and something like this.) As a result you may find this person when he is talking to somebody and calls out a name.

Third stage is when the party is ending and there is a sun outside. Sun light goes through windows and it can burn you, so you should be aware of it. 

Kombos: Me and my friend decided that there should be some kombos for score.(for example person who ate garlic and drink alcohol has 2x bonus to the amount of points he provides. But garlic and cross deal higher damage to vampire) So the overall goal would be to beat friends scores or get the highest score among all people

Music: We thought that we would be capable of creating at least two song hotline miami style, but instead we finished only holf of a song(I can give you a link if you wish).

Thanks for a comment)

Thanks, there is probably a bug which  does not allow you to die.  As for music, we did not have any music writers who could help us. So probably that was our mistake when we have decided to make party game)) Thanks for comment!

Thanks! It is my first experience of developing game in one week. I think that I could finish most of the aspects if I put more time into it during the week. Anyway, thanks for the comment!

Suprisingly, in the game you cannot die XD

Hello, I am one of the developers. I forgot to say that controls are :

Drink blood from somebody - E

Close the game - ECS

Move - W A S D