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 Very interesting, really enjoyed the game. 

Ha ha ha... I very much enjoyed this and loved the twist. 

Very cute, fun, and creative game. Love it!! 5 stars. 

Interesting game idea and very addictive. I do think the cleaning the floors and dishes take up too much time. Maybe slightly less clicking to clean would be great but not totally needed. Though reason I am giving up is because of the controls, it feels really awkward to use the arrow keys and x. Would be more comfortable to use WASD to move and the enter key or space key to interact or even the left mouse button to interact. Lastly, wish the items on the floor did not collide with the player and you could grab items on the table or coffee table from any of the sides.

Cute game and love the puzzle. Though I kind of wish there were more ways to figure it out, with the use of different cats and their personalities.

I actually really enjoyed this its fun, and quirky to play. 

I like that its a nice idea that is simple but can be enjoyable for the player thanks!

Here is a playthrough done by Spacematterplay

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Thanks for the review and for playing our game and sharing it with others. I enjoyed watching your video it high lighted some stuff we were already aware was broken with out game and also showed some stuff that we were not aware of. We will be updating soon with some bug fixes and other gameplay fixes to make the game better and more polished. Thank you again for playing and glad you enjoyed the game. I am sorry that I personally did not get to rate your game during the week time frame but will definitely go and check yours out and leave a review. 

Ps. just going to link your video here in the comments  for others to see you playthrough.

That is actually a really good point it would be cool to play as the ghost maybe there could be a level where you disguise yourself as the ghost or when you die before respawning you turn into a ghost and have to beat a whole bunch of enemy versions of yourself to reach the respawn point. Anyways thanks for playing and enjoying our game if you are interested we will be doing a few fixes and updating the game a final time so that its more finished. Thanks again!

Wow thanks so much we are very happy you enjoyed our game! Just as a heads up we will be doing some fixes here soon and then posting a final update for the game so that it feels a little bit more finished. Thanks again for playing and enjoying our work. 

Thanks for playing and ya that was one thing we just didnt get to before the end date. Will be doing some fixes here soon to cover some of the areas that were not finished and then do a final update. Thanks again for playing!

Thanks for the feedback I will look into the sensitivity to see how that is fixed I am guessing it would be by using some lerp between rotations I just not sure how to code it yet. As for the enemies that is actually a mistake on my bad I had them notice the player from a further distance away at one point and they would chase and then attack but then I started testing something and changed their sight distance and forgot to change it back. Thanks for pointing out these issues and thanks for playing the game we are glad you enjoyed it.!

Oh ok well either way this is a cool game really enjoyed it. 

Like this a lot good luck in the contest. 

This was really cool, I liked the art a lot, very simple but aesthetically pleasing. There were a few times I missed the dialogue because I was moving forward to fast and the dialogue skipped. I think you should only be able to get out of the dialogue box with the enter button and not with how you move the character. 

Love the art just curious is there a reason you did not bind jump and glide to the space bar and continue to the enter/return?

ya i know you could press the up button it like you said it would bring everything else in the command window up. Plus depending on the situation maybe using the up button was not helpful.

Was a really enjoyable game to play. Love the music and the sound of rain.  I liked the idea of a command window system for playing the game.

But after a while it became tedious to constantly write in each tile to plant, feed and then harvest over and over again. It would have been nice if you could have a command that was like plant a1 - a3  and then you would plant in all 3 tiles and then the same style of command for feed and harvest.

That would speed up the commands and make playing a bit more enjoyable. It would also be nice if there was a end system in place. I kept playing for awhile trying to see what would happen after you sacrifice for long time and other than the rain increase nothing else happened.

Maybe have it were if you sacrifice to many times a flood happens and wipes out your crop. Then if you wipe out your field maybe you have a way to calm the rain down so that you have to balance the amount of rain that falls due to your sacrifice. Anyways this is an awesome game!!

would be fun if I knew how to play. There needs to be either a tutorial that shows what keys to use or a control menu. I was able to find how to pick up the seeds. But could not plant them so I could not do anything else with the game.