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This happened to me too. It was weird because not only did the images switch with doing the bj but even the text did and then it reverted back to blonde and she acted as if she did the deed. 

like i think its cool that the game is interactive and all that. But the problem with the game is that it allows you to pick what you call these characters and who they supposedly are. But if you go with the default of maid, employer and tutor and neighbor. The story just doesn't make since, since obvious that this is more of an incest story of either a mom or step mom with her sister (mc's aunt) and his sister or step sis. Since that's how the dialogue makes the story feel. Honestly if you want the story to progress with the way it is just make the characters roll locked in. Or if you want the player to choose between different scenarios than have options that can be selected instead of typed in which will change the story depending on which selections are chosen. So if lets say the player chooses that the first chick is a maid then that would change the dialogue for her to better suit what a maid would say throughout the story. 

ya i know you could press the up button it like you said it would bring everything else in the command window up. Plus depending on the situation maybe using the up button was not helpful.

Was a really enjoyable game to play. Love the music and the sound of rain.  I liked the idea of a command window system for playing the game.

But after a while it became tedious to constantly write in each tile to plant, feed and then harvest over and over again. It would have been nice if you could have a command that was like plant a1 - a3  and then you would plant in all 3 tiles and then the same style of command for feed and harvest.

That would speed up the commands and make playing a bit more enjoyable. It would also be nice if there was a end system in place. I kept playing for awhile trying to see what would happen after you sacrifice for long time and other than the rain increase nothing else happened.

Maybe have it were if you sacrifice to many times a flood happens and wipes out your crop. Then if you wipe out your field maybe you have a way to calm the rain down so that you have to balance the amount of rain that falls due to your sacrifice. Anyways this is an awesome game!!

would be fun if I knew how to play. There needs to be either a tutorial that shows what keys to use or a control menu. I was able to find how to pick up the seeds. But could not plant them so I could not do anything else with the game.