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Oscar Leites

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Fantastic work! Keep it up

awsome job!

hi friend, do you need music for this game?


Hi, friend! Beautiful game you have created, if you need medieval or orchestral music at any time, you can count on me.

Fantastic! it is very pretty!

Fantastic game! I haven't reached level 9 yet, but I will soon! Hahaha. All the best

Hello! I sent you an email a week ago, did you get it?

Beautiful environment! I loved

I listened to the music from the trailer and it's beautiful. Congratulations to your composer 😍!

Today in the afternoon I will download the game to my PC to be able to try it, because yesterday I was on my cell phone😆.

I understand! Well, my offer still stands for any other time or project. You are very talented and creative, it would be a pleasure to work with you🤗.

Excellent work! I am a music composer, I would love to compose something special for Project Wulves, if you wish🤗.

Have a great Friday!

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Hi bro! Your game really looks great. I love it, I was wondering if you'd like to put music to it at some point.

I think that what sounds here, from minute 1:05 could fit well.

Not exactly that music but if in that style, he could compose something new for Wizard Warfare.

Congratulations again bro, a hug!

excellent, beautiful game!

Perfect, yes congratulations it's very good.

If at any time you want you can count on me for the musical composition bro. A hug

excelente! Muy bueno, me gusto la música realmente crea un clima de misterio. Seguirán desarrollandolo?

Hello, I love the game. Although I haven't played it much. I had a problem, I loaded my Twicht account wrong and I can't connect to the chat room, that is, the "!connect" sign does not disappear from my screen. How can I restart the game to put another twicht account?

Congratulations on the job!

A! What a fool😅, I had not noticed! Thank you🤗
The truth is that the game turned out very nice, do you plan to expand it with more levels?

Thank you! I will write to you these days ;)

I loved it! But if I run out of bullets how do I continue? lol

Hi, I really like your game! If you want I could make some music for him.

I leave you a piece of music that I wrote that I did a long time ago so that you can get to know my work.


Si, de una me interesa! Mandame invitacion OscarLeites#6065

Hola, soy compositor y estoy buscando algun equipo que hable español. Les comparto un link con la música que me gusta componer, orquestal, pero puedo adaptarme a cualquier género que se requiera.

Un abrazo y gracias por leerme😁

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JAJAJJA, esta buenisimo! Felicitaciones. la pase barbaro jugando!😆😆😆. La música es genial!

Muchas Gracias por tu comentario David! me alegra mucho leer que te haya gustado😁

Muy bonito. Y la música y sonido es impecable. Felicidades!👏

Excelente! me encanto! Felicitacones👏

Gracias Zuko! Me alegro mucho que te haya gustado😁🙌

Muchas Gracias Ayo! 😁

Muchas Gracias Jordi!

Genial el arte! Felicitaciones!

Albert! Muchas Gracias Amigo mio❤️

Gracias Circulito! Las voces del diablillo asistente soy yo😝

Muchas gracias Byronrosas!😁🙌

Muchas gracias por jugarlo pixelmeat!😁🙌

Muchisimas Gracias por tu comentario tan detallado  Amaipetisu😍

Muchas Gracias Garrotchu!😁