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Brilliant and charming. The vignettes and audio are fantastic touches.


Can confirm accuracy of title. Neatly written!

The post cards made this feel very intimate and heart-felt. Well done.

Powerful and thoughtful. Nicely done.

This is a great application of the Oregon Trail formula. I know there are many features on the drawing board. I wonder if giving the player control over the use of food and water would strengthen the resource management facet.

Felt good to smash those walls. :)

Very cool! You tackled a complex idea in subtle and interesting ways. It felt, to me, like some play-throughs were down to the roll of the dice -- would I see enough "good" options to balance out the "bad" options before an election? If you're going for a rogue-like feel, that's spot on of course.

Very satisfying interface. Everything works to support your message. Nicely done!

Love it! I bet it was challenging to get a similar art style across the 2D and 3D art sections, but they fit together nicely.

Also had a very hard time with the convincing mini game, but I love the idea and the presentation here.

Really interesting and beautiful way to explore the effects of the control of speech. It seemed like public opinion changed very slowly. I wonder if a more rapid progression would enhance or detract from the sandbox-like experience.

I like the general idea here! I couldn't manage to get to the goal though; seems like the only way to get enough food and water is to luck into the right encounters.

Cute concept, great art style. Very challenging!

What a lovely and emotional game. I would love to see this taken further!

Really interesting concept. Great art & music. I think I was expecting a little more pay-off at the end. Could use a way to say "okay I'm ready" instead of waiting for the clock to run out. Would like to manipulate the environment to find items: opening and closing cabinets, for example. Good work!

Great work! This is a nice way to get people to think about these kinds of interactions and to put themselves in a different pair of shoes.


A lovey experience. Took me a bit to pick up on the "remember" mechanic, maybe a few more clues around the backpack would help. But once I had that I really liked the circular and rambling path through the memories.

Straight to the point with some good chuckles.

Loved how well this was tied to real world concepts with a strong call-to-action. Would have liked a "fast forward" feature on the day, though. :)

Hi Katty! We met at Phoenix IGDA. Glad you're in the jam!