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I prefer "must be beatable in 10 seconds or less" over the others

Can I use Perchance to make the game?

Jamulator 2021 community · Created a new topic Question

If I were to join and create a sim, would it be okay to create a life generator, like you press a button and it generates someones life story?

I don't know if this has been done, what about "waterfall"?

Thanks for the feedback!


sorry about that, my first game jam. way to many bugs

Thank you!

Yes, fairly sure you can use any game engine

You are shrunk to get into the brain of a fat person, but they are slowly getting less fat and the stage grows smaller,  and you need to seal his brain before he is not fat enough for you to stay in the body.

The things you learned along the way

You could try bitsy.

Is twiby down?

What engine are you using?

How does this work?

Bloom community · Created a new topic Game engine?

what game engine are you using

Will you ever update the game?

What game engine?

Also, did you allow this?

You should make a discord server!

How do you use color pallets on mobile

What game engine?

Exist is the better realm.

Great Puzzlescript Game

Pix64 community » Bugs/Requests · Created a new topic More updates?

Will you ever add more updates?

really fun game

Fun game!

Use the itch app

Great art

Fun little game!

Fun game!

Great little game!

seemed similar, but its a lot different. Good job!

Great game! Would love to see some updates!


Try this to!