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A member registered Mar 19, 2020

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Hey. I played your game on PC and I have to say I liked everything about it!

The graphics are cool, the controls fell good and fair. The difficulty curve is very balanced.

Keep it up!

Made a gameplay about your game. I think it is very cool!

Really liked the game! The graphics are cool , they remind me of Yume Nikki games and similars, and the music also. The only thing that I didn't like is that the key for the last character is difficult to recognise and it took me some time to realize it wasn't some text spelling "no".

Anyways good game!

Great game. I loved everything of it!

Made a gameplay of your game. I really liked it

Very wholesome game. I made a gameplay about it. Really liked the game!

Hey! Just played the game and it's fun but I encountered a bug where when I get past level 10 no more enemies appear and I pass every level undefinitely.It happens in this video: 

Very nice game! I really liked the concept and it's very addicting. I made a gameplay on PC

I made a gameplay about your game.

I really liked the ambience and the graphics!