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This Game... Theres not too much i can say about it other than it ended up being pretty fun to play - Nice and Short, just how i like my games. Nothing Chased me, or made me cry from fear, Only sadness....

Like most other people, I made a video! It's my first one after having to take some time away, and this game was an excellent way back into the fold! Thank you for making it!

This was one of the most fun games to play for a youtube video. The game itself has its flaws, but its so stupidly weird that its awesome.

It took me forever to edit this video because i was laughing way too much. Enjoy!

Just played this game last night. LOVED the way it looked. I am a huge wuss when it comes to horror games but Horror Puzzle games where you cant REALLY lose are exactly what i love playing because i like being scared but i hate the adrenaline of trying to run away from something.

Of course, like many I make youtube videos if you would like to see the video its over at -

I really enjoyed this game and wish i could find more like it.