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This game has great potential, cant wait for full release!

why is everything in caps ahhhhh

Make sure you dont have a contoller plugged in. Ive had a problem and it turns out my controller was plugged in and my joystick was stuck to the left lol

This game looks great. but people will skip over it if they dont see the windows logo on the bottom left of thumbnail. also add comment section for people to post their videos

Strange, but great game none the less. But why must the pigs move at 1 fps LOL

But wait, are you including secret little areas that dont lead to different worlds? for instance, first room in the castle... do you consider that area to be apart of it?

Okay so Ive found a total of 4 worlds. Obviously the snow land, green land, and then the red world & "Skeleton guy world" (Dont want to spoil it lol) I think that should be it. if there are 2 additional secret worlds to this then i applaud you lol

I dont want to spoil for anyone else. but I found 2 secret worlds. Are there anymore that I can find?

Got Some more incoming! 

Dave! I love this game! Its just sooooo hard. Im still going strong though. Just beat the Goofy Goober one and plan to beat the rest.

More games like this PLEASE! I've always loved the feel of ps1 style games. Plus the weirdness to this makes it even better. I give it 9/10. Also I didn't see the snowy area like I saw in the pictures, where is that at?

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Pretty good stuff man. I love the creepy VHS style you implemented into this game. I honestly don't have any critiques. Good job! Also, is there any other endings beside A,B and C?

I'm shivering please help, The grandpa is terrifying...

Does anyone know if their is an alternate ending to this?

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Okay but on a serious note, this is pretty creepy and the Beep Boop music is actually good haha

TERRIFYING!! One thing I didn't like was getting stuck on little branches. I personally feel like you should make those walk through. Other than that It was great!

I mean its creepy and the dialogue is funny but I dont like the whole ear rape thing, please fix that. Also I walk very slow and cant run lol

I've played alot of the Ps1 style games that just came out and I personally liked your the most. props man

He meant pass the wall, that door ...

I love how unsettling this was. Especially the ending cutscene with that puppet thing. Make more like this, great job 

Actually enjoyed it, keep up the work man

Dev. Im serious, Put this on steam. Or Re-release it cause now its just pushed to the bottom and no one will see it. Im about to buy and make a video on it, ill come back when thats posted!

Aw man, this has became one of my favorites. Especially when you throw in the creepy crawlers (Which I’m terrified of) 

Eventually gunned him down after 45 mins lol. I enjoyed it a lot actually. I hope your game trends!

Im at a loss of words...


Make sure you dont have a controller plugged in. I had this experience a few times with other games only to find out it was cause my controller was plugged in and laying on the ground with the thumbsticks spinning in circles lol

This game is so weird that it just makes you feel creeped out haha. That isn't a bad thing. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK DEVELOPER

I’m actually terrified of what was waiting for me at the end... GREAT GAME DEV.

The Best Horror Games have always been ones that weren’t specifically just jump scares. Ones that make you feel uneasy and paranoid constantly are the best ones. Great piece of work developer, keep up the fantastic work

The eerie sound of when that little DEMON GIRL is coming to get you really give me goosebumps. INSANELY GOOD SHORT HORROR GAME 

Not bad!! Had fun playing it!!

I enjoyed it despite it being 2 minutes long haha. Keep up the good work dude!

I was not expecting anything to pop up man XD. YOU TOTALLY CAUGHT ME OFFGUARD!! But I enjoyed it. I did use my head today so that's good. Puzzles got tricky at times but no match for me ;)

I can see where you come from cause in all honesty it got me curious about what this game was so I ended up clicking it haha. But it appears that he ended up making a thumbnail so yeah lol.

I wish there was more to it. I had LOTS of things planned out to talk about in the video. But time cut me off short lol

I wanna make a video on this but come on man, You need to have a thumbnail. Sadly in the Gamejolt/ world we read the book by its cover and judge whether or not its clickable to even view the game. It looks great and im about to play it but just please make a great thumbnail for this game. You want exposure you need "clickbait" and no not the bad clickbait that's deceiving , I mean something that just draws the attention of the site viewer. The page itself looks great man , cant wait to try it